The finalists
In 2017, 5 finalist schools were selected to present their projects à the Mairie de Paris on March 23rd, on the theme “My school project for climate and the environment”.

“Back to Earth”

Storing and recycling of the biological waste coming from the school kitchen, through the implementation of a composting platform at Jeanne d’Arc, and awareness-rising actions on composting issues.
Institution Jeanne d’Arc, Colombes (92)
Classe : Terminale

“Air and Climate Warming”

Experiments on air quality, weather, climate warming and their consequences on living beings and human society.
Collège Jean Moulin, Montreuil (93)
Classe : 4e

“Determining the most appropriate energy mix for our high school, given the data provided by our weather station”

Determining the most appropriate energy mix for the high school, in order to make the rooms G502 (classes) and G503 (IT) self-sufficient in energy.
Lycée Parc de Vilgénis, Massy (91)
Classe : 2nde

“An educational garden at school”

Creation of an educational garden to foster co-education and the sharing of experiences among the pupils of the professional and general high schools. Work on the notions of sustainable development and biodiversity.
LPO Blaise Pascal, Forbach (54)
Classe : 1ère

“Explaining climate warming to my parents”

Creation of a game similar to “Who wants to be a millionaire”, with questions based on the mechanisms of the greenhouse effect, its resulting effects on climate warming and its associated socio-economic issues.
Collège de l’Assomption, Montpellier (34)
Classe : 4e

The Laureate

Institution Jeanne d’Arc of Colombes, chosen by the public as the laureate of the Award for Education

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