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3 MAY 2021

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9am-10am | Game/Quiz | Middle School | High School | WEBINAR

Citoyens pour le climat

The Science kiosk

A moment designed to exchange and get information in order to understand the major issues related to climate change, and discover the most important orders of magnitude. This makes it easier to understand what changes in our lives are relevant to limiting climate change.

9am-10am / 2:30-3:30pm | Workshop | Primary School | WEBINAR


Water and its cycles

An opportunity for your primary school pupils to learn about the small and large water cycles! Where does the water we drink at home come from? What path does it follow after leaving our sink? What types of pollution does it face? Eau de Paris animators will be here to answer these questions via interactive and original games & quizzes!

9am-10am / 1:30pm-2:30pm | Workshop | Middle School | SIMU’LIVE


Soil: a treasure under our feet!

Living, active but also fragile, the soil feeds us, filters water and helps regulate the climate. It’s our best ally against climate change! Through a series of fun experiments, discover that under our feet live an incredibly varied number of living beings. Learn how to protect this precious.

10am-11am | Workshop | Primary School |Middle School | High School | WEBINAR


How does the climate work?

Interact live with a scientist! Through fun experiments on the formation of clouds and thunderstorms, Camille will explain how clouds and rain are formed and what impact they can have on the climate.

Fondation Schneider electric

10am-11am | Debate| Middle School | High School | WEBINAR

Fondation Schneider Electric – LOW TECH LAB

Searching for an eco-friendly low-tech digital technology

How can digital technology be low-tech? The Schneider Electric Foundation and the Low-tech Lab invite you to discover what low-tech digital technology could be and present examples of concrete solutions, at the individual or collective level. Finally, wouldn’t it be a matter of cursors?

10:3011:30am | Workshop | Primary School | WEBINAR


Clean your water

What path does the water follow before reaching our homes? What kind of pollution does the water undergo once it’s there? How can it be returned to nature in a purified state? These are the questions that the SIAAP animators will answer to explain the stages of the “small water cycle” to your pupils!

11-12am / 2 :30-3 :30pm | Game/Quiz | Middle School | High School | WEBINAR


Champions of Sustainable food and biodiversity

hrough fun questions, the food system and its interaction with nature will no longer hold any secrets for you! Take part in the Landestini quiz.

11-12am / 2:30pm-3:30pm| Web Application | 3rd Grade | High School | SIMU’LIVE


Dive into the past, the present and the future of the ocean!

This applications aims to escribe the state of the ocean in the past, analyse it in the present, and forecast its temperature, salinity, acidity, current speed, sea surface height, wave height, sea ice extent, (…) both at the surface and at depth. Come and dive into the Copernicus Marine Service’s Digital Ocean and understand how the “Ocean Machine” works.

1:00pm-2:00pm | Debate | High School | WEBINAR


The climate is changing!

Climate change is real, but what is causing it?Is there a link with extreme events? Two scientific mediators from Météo-France present the latest knowledge on climate change and answer questions from questions from the participants.

1:30pm-2:30pm | Game/Quiz | Middle School | High School | Webinar


ClimarisQ : a videogame made to tackle the complexity of the climate

Discover ClimarisQ, a scientific video game that highlights the complexity of the climate system and the urgent need for collective action to limit climate change. An educational tool to experiment within your high school classes.

3:30-4:30 | Workshop | Primary School | Middle School | High School | WEBINAR


Green and blue networks

Green and blue networks refer to natural and semi-natural terrestrial environments and the aquatic and wetland network. This board game will help you discover the impact of human activities on biodiversity and the solutions that allow animal species to continue to move through the landscape. Come and learn about the food webs of different ecosystems (river, sea, pond, hedge, etc.).

3:30-4:30pm | Workshop | Primary School | Middle School | Webinar


The Unloved Ones

Through various interactive and fun workshops, discover amusing anecdotes about spiders, the role of mosquitoes within ecosystems and the consequences if rats were to disappear from our sewers. Forget your preconceived ideas about these unloved species in the urban environments of Île-de-France!

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