IWCF Patrons

They have been with us in previous editions

Fred Courant

Editor-in-chief of the
Patron of the 2019 edition

Fanny Agostini

Journalist. Co-founder of the NGO LanDestini
Patron of the 2019 edition

Yann Arthus-Bertrand

Photographer. President of the GoodPlanet Foundation

Patron of the 2018 edition

Hubert Reeves

Patron of the 2016 and 2004 editions

Isabelle Autissier

Navigator. President of WWF France
Patron of the 2013 edition

Maud Fontenoy

Patron of the 2010 edition

Marina Raibaldi

Journalist at France 3 Corse Via Stella
Patron of the 2006 edition

Jean-Louis Etienne

Patron of the 2005 edition

Evelyne Dhéliat

Head of the Weather Service of TF1 and LCI
Patron of the 2004 edition


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