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From 2018 to 2020, the IWF is co-organized by a new partnership governance composed of Météo et Climat, EcoAct and IWC2

Facing an unavoidable global warming, we need to limit it by reducing our greenhouse gas emissions, but also to adapt, while respecting nature… It is important to make the link for greater climate mobilization. I look forward to seeing you in October 15-18, 2020 in Paris for the 17th edition of FIM!

Jean Jouzel

President of Météo et Climat, climatologist and former member of the IPCC Bureau (Organization co-Nobel Peace Prize in 2007).

Environmental awareness has increased and new virtuous consumption practices are developing. Individual and collective initiatives in favour of the climate are flourishing everywhere.
However, face to climate emergency and massive impoverishment of biodiversity, it is necessary to relentlessly continue to educate and raise awareness on these major issues.
This is the ambition of the International Weather and Climate Forum which empowers synergies between citizens, experts and decision-makers.

Christian Vannier

Founder and director of the IWF, president of IW2C.

Directing economic models towards carbon neutrality to contain global warming below 2°C is a necessity and a requirement that must continue to be shared around the world. Civil society plays an important role here, especially companies and coalitions of actors who have continued to grow, mobilize and organize since the COP21. IWF’s commitment also accompanies this global transition by bringing many committed public, associative and private actors together. It promotes concrete solution sharing, and encourages everyone to act in favour of a resilient and virtuous world.

Gérald Maradan

IWF General Coordinator, EcoAct General Manager


Christian Vannier Founder and Director of the IWF

Morgane Daudier Chief Deleguate of Météo et Climat, in charge of the institutional and scientific relations of the IWF

Brice Lafon General coordination and financial follow-up

  • Météo et Climat is a non-for-profit association of public utility, chaired by climatologist Jean Jouzel. Its goals are to promote and popularize atmospheric and climate sciences, through the organization of events and publications. Since 2004, Météo et Climat has co-organized the International Weather and Climate Forum with Christian Vannier.
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  • IW2C is chaired by Christian Vannier, founder and director of the IWF. Christian has an international experience in events dealing with climate matters, and is in close connection with international weather reporters… Since 1994, he has co-organized international events aiming at bringing together the different communities involved in climate change education networks.
  • EcoAct, founded in 2006, is an international consulting and project development company that supports companies, institutions and territories in achieving their climate ambitions. EcoAct acts as a facilitator to help their clients face the complex challenges of transition, and to guide leaders and their teams in the development of tailor-made solutions for a low-carbon world.
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