Media Workshop, October 6th-7th 2023

International communication on climate change in the media

On the occasion of its 20th anniversary in 2023, the International Weather and Climate Forum (FIM) team invites weather presenters, meteorologists and journalists from all over the world to celebrate this milestone with us!

Background & Objectives

The Media Workshop is organised every year as part of the International Weather and Climate Forum, which is a major mobilisation and educational meeting of different communities. It brings together the world’s weather presenter community, journalists and representatives of international organisations to discuss communication strategies at an international level. The workshop aims to reflect on how to communicate more effectively on climate change, both to viewers and to policy makers.

This year, the Media Workshop will include two sessions:

Session 1: Symposium “How can we dialogue about our future transformations?”

Developed by a scientific committee chaired by Valérie Masson-Delmotte, research director at CEA-LSCE-IPSL and co-chair of IPCC Group I, the discussions will explore the methods for constructing the narratives needed to win over individuals, companies and the media in order to initiate the transformations needed to make the ecological transition a success.

Session 2: Workshop “Communicating climate change in the media”

Aimed at international weather presenters and journalists, this day will offer workshops and discussions on climate communication in the media with:

#1 – Early Warning and Satellite contribution
#2 – Attribution Science, Impacts & Communication
#3 – AI, a new asset for weather forecasters?


More information on the programme will be available soon!


  • PARIS (France)
  • October, 6-7th 2023
  • Format hybrid (either in person or virtually
  • In English & French
  • On registration (link to come)
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