International Symposium

Anticipating to adapt climate change

This international conference bring together scientists and climate experts, socio-economic actors, elected officials and institutional leaders, representatives of the academic world, students and weather presenters from some thirty countries.

Climate change is now a well underway process, with some consequences that are clearly visible and some that will inevitably become so in the coming years or decades. A strong link is now needed between mitigation and adaptation approaches, both of which are becoming essential to anticipate what the future world will look like and help build it. Protecting our territories implies in particular a long-term vision of our infrastructures, a capacity for solidarity in the face of very different vulnerabilities from one region to another, or the articulation of the climate change stakes with those of biodiversity or our societies.
The conference will be an opportunity to discuss what science’s contribution to these new issues should be, to measure the effort of anticipation they imply, and to illustrate them with specific examples.



  • Hervé Le TREUT Professor at Sorbonne University and École Polytechnique


  • Alima MARIE-MALIKITÉ Director of Communications at Météo-France
  • Véronique MARIOTTI Climate risk expert at EcoAct
  • Claude NAHON Former Director of Sustainable Development at EDF and member of the Meteo et Climat Board
  • Vivian DÉPOUES Project Manager Climate Change Adaptation at I4CE
  • Alexandre MAGNAN Senior Researcher, Vulnerability and Adaptation to Climate Change at IDDRI
  • Philippe ROUDIER Research Fellow – Agriculture and Climate Risks at AFD

The program is under development.

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