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Educational workshops

To better understand and discover atmospheric phenomena, weather forecasts, climate and water issues, the role of the ocean, the FIM offers an educational course particularly suited to young people.
To learn, while playing through fun experiences, collaborative games and meetings with researchers.


1-3 May 2021

  •  LiveStream 


Video game - the Quantum prisoner

With “The Quantum Prisoner”, get ready to live a great adventure at the heart of science and technology! Help Zoe solve the mystery of Professor Cropp’s disappearance! More than 30 mini-games to solve in order to progress in history, some of which are linked to global warming.

Game - Climarisk

With the Climarisk game app, make decisions at the local or global level to limit the frequency and the ecological and socio-economic impacts of extreme weather events.

Workshop - Knowing, understanding and predicting oceans to protect them better

Describing Global Ocean state in the past, analysing it in the present, and forecasting every day for the near future, temperature, salinity, acidity, speed of ocean currents, sea surface height, waves, sea ice, nutrients (chlorophyll, oxygen or phytoplankton…), both on the surface and beneath, is the core business of Mercator Ocean’s scientists!
Come and dive into the Copernicus Marine Service’s Digital Ocean and understand how the “Ocean Machine” works.

Debate - Climate change

What is the difference between weather and climate? How does the climate machine work? What are the consequences of climate change already observed in France and worldwide and the expected impacts? Come and discuss all these questions with Météo-France scientists.

Workshop -Build your weather satellite

Building a weather satellite will enable to uncover how observing the Earth by satellites makes it easier to understand climate change.

Quiz - Climate change in questions

Come and test your knowledge on climate change with this interactive quiz.

Experiences - How are clouds and tornadoes formed?

With this tornado simulator, you can interact with a tornado to deflect its rotation. Thanks to a cloud-making machine, researchers from the Physical Meteorology Laboratory of the Observatoire de Physique du Globe (OPGC) in Clermont-Ferrand will explain how they are formed but also why they are powerful factors of global change which affect the temperature of the Earth and play a big role in acting on our climate.

Workshop - Washing your water

This educational workshop supervised by facilitators from the Interdepartmental Syndicate for Sanitation of the Paris Metropolitan Area will enable participants to discover water pollution and the treatment stages in the SIAAP’s wastewater treatment plants.

Game - ClimaTicTac

Players will have to develop a strategy facing the perils threatening the planet in order to act collectively according to the climatic hazards and the levers of action at their disposal.

Game - Save the Planet

From the beginning of the school year, Ushuaïa with Educa Borras is offering a contest through a quiz on social networks to discover the richness and diversity of our planet, and environmental aspects. The five winners will be offered* a game suitable for all, consisting of a board, a dice and several question cards. The goal: through four different themes “Our World”, “Exploration”, “Surprising Planet” and “Preserving the Earth”, players will complete their mission sheet through various questions and challenges.
* The delivery of the game boxes will take place during the weekend of October 17 & 18, 2020 on the square in front of the Paris City Hall.
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