General sales conditions


The information entered into the registration form will be saved in the database of the International Weather and Climate Forum, for the International Weather and Climate’s use only. In accordance with the French law « Information Technology and Liberties » of the 6th of January 1978, you are entitled to a right of access and modification to all information referring to you. The information collected may be used to keep you informed about several events organized by the International Weather and Climate Forum.

Fares and Payment

Fares are set in euros, and already include the added-value tax rate in effect.

Registration fees include participation to the Symposium, which will take place on the 28th of May 2019, for half a day or the full day, possibly the provision of documentation, and food services.

The mean and regularity of the payment for participation to the Symposium are chosen by the Participant at the moment of his registration on the website

As part of the registration and payment process, the participant will have to advise the following information : first and last name, e-mail, phone number, position, organization, address.

Payment can be made through Paypal/credit card.

Registration is considered definitive at the reception of the payment.


Any cancelled registration must be reported by sending a registered written letter to the organizers of the symposium (EcoAct 35 rue de Miromesnil 75008 Paris) or by e-mail with recorded delivery. The applicant must join a Bank Identifier Code in order to proceed with the repayment.

  • Cancellations occuring 3 weeks prior to the date of the Symposium will lead to the full repayment of the purchased ticket(s).
  • Cancellations occuring between one and three weeks prior to the date of the Symposium will lead to billing the Participant for 50% of the cost of all purchased ticket(s)
  • Cancellations occuring less than a week prior to the date of the Symposium will lead to billing the Participant for the purchased ticket(s).

In the absence of the Participant to the Symposium, no repayment will be made.

Intellectual Property

The Participant prohibits himself from using the content of the interventions presented during the Symposium for any motive. Any reproduction, representation, modification, publication, full or partial of the content of the interventions presented during the Symposium is strictly forbidden, whatever the method and medium used.

Reprogramming or modification

The organizers of the International Weather and Climate Forum reserve the right to reprogram the schedule of the symposium, to modify the place of its proceedings, the content of its program or to replace a speaker, if circumstencies beyond their control require them to do so without giving them the right to any compensation or repayment.

Applicable Law – Jurisdiction

The present General Sales Conditions and operations related to them are subject to French law. In case of dispute, an amicable agreement to be negociated will be favored, in order to avoid using judicial means as a last resort. If judicial means cannot be avoided, the competent court will be the competent Commercial Court.

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