Show Up for Stripes Day on June 21st!


June 21st is the day we unite as a global community of climate communicators to celebrate #ShowYourStripes. This unique day serves as an opportunity for public personas from every corner of the world to showcase the iconic climate warming stripes and raise awareness of the pressing issue of global warming!

What are exactly climate warming stripes?

Created by climate scientist Ed Hawkins, these stripes serve as a compelling and easily comprehensible visual tool that effectively portrays the escalation of global temperatures caused by human activities. Each stripe represents a year and the temperature change compared to long-term averages over the past century and more. For nearly every region of the world, the once predominantly blue stripes, indicating lower temperatures, have transitioned into increasingly more vibrant shades of red.

The International Weather and Climate Forum is celebrating #ShowYourStripes day with UNFCCC, World Meteorological Organization, IPCC and Climate Central.

Together, let’s amplify the reach of these powerful visuals in a powerful statement that ignites collective action.

Join us in raising awareness, inspiring conversations, and promoting sustainable solutions to combat global warming. It’s as easy as downloading one of the eye-catching infographics or your local stripes and sharing them through any media platform, accompanied by the #ShowYourStripes hashtag.


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