How can we talk about our future transformations?

This symposium is aimed particularly at socio-economic and territorial actors, scientists, weather presenters, journalists, representatives of think tanks, NGOs and professional associations.
The discussions will explore the methods of constructing stories necessary to win the support of individuals, companies, and the media in order to initiate transformations necessary for a successful ecological transition.
This international conference brought together 341 participants (including 216 in person) representing 40 countries.




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Valérie MASSON-DELMOTTE Director of Research at the CEA, Laboratory for Sciences of Climate and Environment IPSL & IPCC (France) – 1:13 min
Jean JOUZEL President of Météo et Climat and former member of the IPCC (France) – 2:09 min
Evelyne DHÉLIAT Head of the weather service at TF1 and LCI (France). The first patron of FIM – 1:54 min
Valérie MARTIN Head of the Citizen Mobilization and Media Department, ADEME (France) – 2:19 min

Ariel RODRIGUEZ Météorologue et reporter environnement/climat, WSCV Telemundo 51 (Etats-Unis) – 3:35 min

Jamy GOURMAUD journalist, Patrons of the 2023 Edition – 1:40 min

Céline GUIVARCH Research Director at CIRED, International Center for Research on Environment and Development (France) – 1:58 min
Eric DUVERGER Founder of the Convention des Entreprises pour le Climat (France) – 1:27 min

Aïda DIONGUE-NIANG Advisor to the National Agency of Civil Aviation and Meteorology (Senegal) – 1:38 min

Ted SHEPHERD Professeur Grantham de sciences du climat à l’Université de Reading (Royaume-Uni) – 1:24 min

Mariam SOW Director of the NGO ENDA Pronat (Senegal) – 2:19 min

Aurélien RIBES Météo-France, researcher on climate change at CNRM / CNRS (France) – 2:12
Eric CHAUMILLON Professor of Marine Geology at La Rochelle University (France) – 2:19 min
Féris BARKAT Co-founder of Banlieues Climat and content creator (France) – 2:19 min
Julien Gasc Climate strategy project manager, Séché Environnement (France) – 2:06 min
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