Experts, politicians, heads of company and scientists, all agree that a global transition toward sustainability is necessary.

The ambitious sustainable development goals arising from the Paris Agreement require critical investments which keys are mainly held by the banking and insurance sectors.

The international symposium of the IWF on the theme “Funding the transition toward a low carbon society” will take place next 4th of June.

The goal is to cross the points of view of multiple actors on the different aspects of “climate finance”, and to stimulate their cooperation. A particular attention will be given to questions about financial innovation, responsible investment, and the role of public subventions to accelerate the change.

On the program, a series of exchanges prepared by a scientific committee chaired by Stéphane Hallegatte, senior economist at the World Bank, with numerous interventions including project presentations (Dr. Ishii, CEO of the Global Environment Facility) and concrete cases, c experts conferences (Guilain Cals from ADEME, Cécile Bordier from I4CE) and roundtables (Sean Kidney, CEO of Climate Bonds Initiative, Sophie Paturle from Demeter).

The symposium’s objective is to gather public and private decision-makers, scientists, elected representatives, academics and media around the following issues: “What are the estimated funding needs to achieve the objectives set (22nd century without CO2 emissions, to stop global warming before 2 ° C, etc.)? What financial instruments, present or future, will facilitate this transition? What are the levers and brakes for their wide deployment? What is the adequacy between the regulations in place and the expectations of citizens and communities?

You can find the pre-program, containing the list of the speakers, on the page dedicated to the symposium of the FIM site:

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