PROFESSIONALS / 16 – 18 june 2020, EUMETSAT H.Q


Communicate on climate change in the media

Created in 2004, the International Weather and Climate Forum (IWF) has become over the years a not-to-be-missed event of education and outreach on climate issues. The IWF facilitates the exchange of information between various actors (general public, scientists, companies, weather presenters, communities …) so that everyone can act at his own level! It proposes a program for Professionals including a Media-Workshop gathering worldwide weather presenters.


This media-workshop for international weather presenters and representatives of European and international organizations reflects on strategies and “good practices” for effective communication on climate change to the public and decision-makers.


That is an opportunity to discuss communication strategies at the international level and thus promote the sharing of knowledge and skills.


The workshop gathers around 100 weather presenters and representatives of international organizations, from 50 countries

It is with great pleasure that EUMETSAT is serving as the host to the Media Workshop of the International Weather and Climate Forum 2020. As a global operational satellite agency at the heart of Europe, our purpose is to gather accurate and reliable satellite data on weather, climate and the environment around the clock, and to operationally deliver them to our Member States, to our international partners, and to users world-wide.

Collaborating with the International Weather and Climate Forum, we want to foster links with the people who use our data and the forecasts relying on our data, in this case the national weather presenters, who play a key role in communicating responsibly to the public not just on such matters as weather, but also on climate change.  The forum will take place at a time when EUMETSAT is preparing to deploy its next generations of weather satellites in both low earth and geostationary orbits, improving dramatically the amount and quality of observations that will be made available.

In our increasingly weather-dependent society, satellite data have become indispensable for the National Meteorological Services to forecast the weather at all ranges and to produce timely warnings and other information that support public and private decision making for our social and economic wellbeing.

Our strategic goal is to ensure the continuity and improvement of satellite observations that are vital inputs to the weather, climate and environmental information services delivered by the National Meteorological Services of our Member States for the benefits of the citizens and the economy.

Alain Ratier
Eumetsat Director-General

Tuesday 16 June 2020


  • Official opening
    Alain RATIER, Director-General of Eumetsat, Jean JOUZEL, President of Meteo et Climat
  • EUMETSAT contribution to regional weather forecasting and nowcasting.
    Hans-Joachim KOPPERT, DWD
  • Satellite observations and global weather forecasting.
  • Meet the satellites – walking tour of EUMETSAT’s satellites.
    Mark HIGGINS, Training Manager
  • More than weather…climate monitoring, oceans, flood forecasting, fires, air quality (Copernicus), dust, ash.
    Ken HOLMLUND, Chief Scientist
  • Discussion – How can EUMETSAT support broadcast meteorologists?
    Mark HIGGINS, Training Manager
  • Future generations of weather satellites – capabilities and impact on forecasting and nowcasting.
    Stephan BOJINSKI,


  • Follow the climate byte with the Copernicus Climate Change Service and EUMETSAT.
    C3S and Joerg SCHULZ, tbc
  • Discussion – concepts for communication (eg, climate data records, satellite observations’ contribution to understanding climate change)
  • Focus on Africa– Supporting Africa – providing data, EUMETCast stations, RARS Africa, SAF for Africa, training. MTG And Africa (incl artwork).
  • Detecting impending droughts with the help of satellites.
    Invited speaker – Prof Wolfgang WAGNER, Vienna University of Technology/H SAF (tbc) Or Role of satellite observations in weather forecasting and climate monitoring in Africa – Speaker tbc
  • Discussion about previous presentations, keeping in contact, and feedback on the day.
    Moderator, Paul COUNET

Wednesday 17 June 2020


  • Presentation (topic to be defined) by a Mercator Ocean representative – Speaker tbc
  • Presentation by ECMWF representative – Speaker tbc
  • Presentation (topic to be defined) by an ESA representative – Speaker tbc

Sharing knowledge and best practice for better Communicate on climate change Weathercasters and journalists discussion group about Climate matters in weather reports.
Opportunities and constraints by Jonathan FOWLER Chief of Communications & Public Affairs of WMO, IPCC’ , representative – Speaker tbc (Deutscher Wetterdienst (DWD) H.Q)

Thursday 18 June 2020
Organized tour private

Testimonies of weather reporters around the world

It was appealing sharing knowledges on how to communicate on climate change with international weather presenters and sharing with experts from climate and social sciences.

PWS, Uganda

Après tous les exercices faits et toutes les présentations j’ai pensé à des changements radicaux dans le bulletin météo actuel diffusé en Tunisie.

Chaîne nationale 1, Tunisie

Smart, Impressive, Productive.

China Weather TV

Rencontrer d’autres présentateurs, mais surtout échanger avec nos confrères étrangers était très enrichissant tant professionnellement que personnellement ; notamment dans la description de leur quotidien, et dans l’approche du message à diffuser auprès de la population.
Sébastien LEAS

Météo France – Radio France

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