May 2019, Paris

“Communicating on Climate Change”

On 27 May, this workshop brought together weather presenters and representatives of European and international organisations from some 30 countries at the headquarters of the CNES (Centre national d’études spatiales). It offered presentations, round tables and interactive workshops on how to better communicate the need for behaviour change, at the citizen level as well as at the state and corporate levels.

Discussing communication strategies at the international level, and promoting the sharing of knowledge and expertise

This international workshop which brings together communicators and weather and climate experts aims to conduct and in-depth reflexion on how to communicate effectively on climate change, to viewers, but also policy makers.


09:15 AM – Official opening
Jean-Yves LE GALL President of Cnes
Jean JOUZEL President of Météo et Climat. Climatologist, former member of the IPCC.

09:30 AM – Tackling the impacts of climate change on the right scale with the Spatial Climate Observatory
Aurélien CARBONNIERE Programme and Policy Officer in Earth Observation, CNES.

10:00 AM – ESA’s Earth Observation missions and climate:
an update

Paul FISCHER Communication Manager from the European Space Agency’s Climate Office in ESA, Paolo CIPOLLINI ESA Earth Observation Scientist.

10:45 AM – Opportunities of future EUMETSAT MTG and EPS-SG programmes for weather forecasters
Neil FLETCHER Communications and Outreach manager in EUMETSAT.

11:30 AM – Bread and Networking session.

11:45 AM – Copernicus – Tackling climate change and offering global environmental data for decision making
Jean-Noël THÉPAUT Head of Copernicus Climate Change Service and Deputy Director of Copernicus Services in ECMWF.

12:30 PM – Lunch Break.

2:10 PM – Welcome Remarks
Jonathan FOWLER Chief of communications and public affairs at the World Meteorological Organization.

2:00 PM – The 2030 Agenda: 17 Goals to Transform Our World. With you!
Fabienne POMPEY Communications officer at United Nations, France.

2:30 PM – Fake news about climate: stop common beliefs!
Valérie MARTIN Head of department Citizen Engagement and Media Service (SMCM) Executive Department of Mobilization for Ecological Transition, ADEME,
Emmanuel VINCENT Research Scientist at Sciences Po Médialab. Founder and Director, Science Feedback

3:30 PM – Panel-DiscussionThe new communication tools about climate change
Hosted by Helga VAN LEUR Ambassador Climate, Sustainability and Behaviour, RTL Nieuws
Evelyne DHÉLIAT TF1 / LCI (France), Paul GROSS WDIV-TV (Etats-Unis), Martha LUNDA MBC TV (Malawi) Deqiao KONG CCTV2 (Chine).

4:30 PM – Conclusion
Conclusions of the Workshop and departure from CNES to Paris City Hall Esplanade.

5:00 PM – Visit of the IWF 2019 public exhibition
Visit of the IWF 2019 public exhibition. Group photo and Weather clip viewing session.

Testimonies of weather reporters around the world


PWS, Uganda

“It was appealing sharing knowledges on how to communicate on climate change with international weather presenters and sharing with experts from climate and social sciences”


Chaîne nationale 1, Tunisie

“After all the exercices made and all the presentations, I thought to radicals changes on the Tunisian weather report”


China Weather TV

“Smart, Impressive, Productive”

Sébastien LEAS

Météo France – Radio France

“Meeting other weather presenters, especially exchanging with our foreigner colleagues was very enriching so professionally as personally;  in particular in their description of their everyday life, and in the approach of the message to spread to people”

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