How can we talk about our future transformations?

Discussions explored methods of constructing the narratives needed to win the support of individuals, companies and the media for the transformations needed to make the ecological transition a success. This international symposium brought together 341 participants (216 in person) representing 40 countries.

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List of participants

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Conference moderated by Carine ROCCHESANI journalist

Official opening

Jean JOUZEL President of Météo et Climat and former member of the IPCC (France).
8 min


Valérie MASSON DELMOTTE Director of Research at the CEA, Laboratory for Sciences of Climate and Environment IPSL & IPCC Working Group I Co-Chair for the 6th Assessment Report (France).
35 min

Session 1 – Keynote 1

Ted SHEPHERD Grantham Professor of Climate Science in the Department of Meteorology at the University of Reading (UK).
32 min

Session 1 – Roundtable 1

Hosted by Carine ROCCHESANI Environmental journalist
Professor of Marine Geology at La Rochelle University (France), Aïda DIONGUE-NIANG Advisor to the National Agency of Civil Aviation and Meteorology (Senegal), Céline GUIVARCH Research Director at CIRED, International Center for Research on Environment and Development (France), Aurélien RIBES Météo-France, researcher on climate change at CNRM / CNRS (France).
60 min

Session 2 – Keynote 2

Édouard VIEILLEFOND CEO of CCR, Public Reinsurer (France).
20 min

Session 2 – Introduction

Runa KHAN Founder and Executive Director of the NGO Friendship (Bangladesh)
18 min

Session 2 – Roundtable 2 – Introduction

Jean-Philippe DOGNETON General Manager of MACIF (France).
10 min

Session 2 – Roundtable 2

Hosted by Mathilde GOLLA Journalist at Les Echos
Eric DUVERGER Founder of the Convention des Entreprises pour le Climat (France), Anne-Sophie GRAVE Chairman of the Board, CDC Habitat (France), Céline IMART Farmer. Chairwoman of the Intercéréales communications committee (France), William LEBEDEL Chairman Friendship France, founder of BlueRep (France), Mariam SOW Director of the NGO ENDA Pronat (Senegal).
51 min

Session 3 – Introduction

Grand Witness
Evelyne DHÉLIAT Head of the weather service at TF1 and LCI (France). The first patron of FIM.
20 min

Session 3 – Keynote 3

Valérie MARTIN Head of the Citizen Mobilization and Media Department, ADEME (France).
30 min

Session 3 – Roundtable 3

Hosted by Sophie ROLAND Journalist and trainer on climate issues
Féris BARKAT Co-founder of Banlieues Climat and content creator (France), Virginie FICHET Deputy Director of the France Télévisions’ national newsroom, in charge of Climate issues (France), Ariel RODRIGUEZ Meteorologist & Enviromental/Climate Reporter, WSCV Telemundo 51 (USA), Ruona MEYER Independent Media and DEI (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion) Consultant (Germany).



Valérie MASSON-DELMOTTE Director of Research at the CEA, Laboratory for Sciences of Climate and Environment – IPSL (France) &  IPCC Working Group I Co-Chair for the 6th Assessment Report.
7 min

Official closing

Jean JOUZEL President of Météo et Climat (France) with Chloé NABÉDIAN journalist and Jamy GOURMAUD journalist, Patrons of the 2023 Edition.
9 min

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