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Youth Agora for Climate

“Youth engagement has a double importance because the today’s young people will be the first to suffer from the consequences of global warming”.

Jean Jouzel, climatologist and former vice-President of the IPCC Bureau

This is why the 18th International Weather and Climate Forum aims to give the voice to young people movements. During one dedicated day, they will be able to build and carry out a common advocacy on ecological, social and democratic issues related to global warming. The ambition is to awaken their desire to get involved, to allow them to discover other mobilized associations and different modes of action and visions. This Agora also aims to create a link between young people and businesses in order to promote the communication between them.


May 1st, 2021

  • Webinar

Program :

Communication manager:
Margot Piau-Moreau

Contact person:
Amélie Dupuy-Seltmann
Secretary General, focal point for the event

1pm-3pm: Webinar “My City strikes back”
A Simul’action on heat waves with the support of UNICEF France

The intensification of extreme weather events, combined with increasing urbanization, makes large cities increasingly vulnerable. What if an unprecedented heat wave hits our city? Take on the role of a “civil society actor” and cooperate with other participants to find innovative emergency solutions and contribute to the emergence of a more resilient city.

“CliMates” is a laboratory of ideas and international actions bringing together volunteers, students and young professionals around climate issues.

Communication manager & contact person: JB Guillaumin

4pm-6pm: Webinar “The big Conf”
Let’s talk about climate with energy!

If you think we’ll save the world by sorting our garbage and turning off the water when we brush our teeth, you’ll learn a lot.
What is energy used for? What is the link with climate change? How can we act on a daily basis?
These are the three questions this webinar will try to answer.

Avenir climatique is an association of young volunteers committed to raising public awareness of energy and climate issues. Come and exchange with us to better understand the problems…and their solutions!

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