‹ GENERAL PUBLIC / 1-3 May 2021

Innovative solutions

There are levers to reduce the carbon footprint and mitigate the effects of climate change. Environmental commitment is at the heart of the strategies of many public and private actors.
Come to FIM to discover innovative solutions that contribute to the preservation of our planet.


1-3 May 2021


Animation - Do you know the low-tech philosophy?

In search of low-tech digital technology: let’s re-examine our uses and practices

Do you know the low-tech philosophy? It’s about doing better with less, through simple, accessible and sustainable technologies or know-how. But how can digital be low-tech? The Schneider Electric Foundation and the Low-tech Lab invite you to dive into the discovery of what low-tech digital technology could be and present you with examples of concrete solutions, at the individual or collective level. Finally, wouldn’t it be a matter of a cursor ?

Animation - How to reduce the environmental footprint of digital information?

Do you know what impact your digital habits have on the environment?
Discover Orange’s solutions to limit the energy and ecological footprint: recycling of old devices, development of fairer and more sustainable products, use of recycled materials, reduction of the number of components…

Workshops - Let's imagine together living areas in order to adapt to the challenges of tomorrow's city!

Through creative workshops, Gecina, its foundation and partners invite visitors to discover how its office and residential buildings are designed in a circular economy and designed to preserve biodiversity. A journey full of various experiences to better how to be more #UsefulTogether.

Animation - Protecting water and nature

At a time when the climate challenge is of ever-increasing concern to citizens, Eau de Paris is asserting itself as a major player in the ecological transition.
The public company invites the public to discover its innovative actions to protect its water catchments and support changes in agricultural practices.

Educational activities - Drinking tap water is protecting the Planet

Eau de Paris will raise young people’s awareness on environmental issues through educational activities: the water I drink, the small water cycle, waste and its impact…
Join us on October 15 and 16, 2020 (as part of the school and extra-curricular activities) .

Exhibition - Raising awareness about climate change among Parisian stakeholders

Through its climate cafés, the Paris Climate Agency offers Parisians the opportunity to discuss a theme from the Paris Climate Plan in a relaxed atmosphere. On the front courtyard, come and discover the reports of these meetings: the hidden challenges of digital technology, the impact of Fashion industry on the environment, sport events and ecology… The subjects are various and fascinating!
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