Biodiversity refers to all living organisms and the ecosystems in which they live. To preserve it means to save our planet and future generations. For the first time, FIM is offering several workshops devoted to biodiversity and its stakes.


1-3 May 2021

  • LiveStream 

Workshop - The soil, a treasure under our feet!

We walk on it every day without even paying attention to it…
Yet its role is essential for life on Earth. Living, active but fragile, the soil feeds us, filters water and helps the regulation of the climate. It is our best asset against climate change!
Through a series of amusing experiments, discover that an incredible variety of living beings live under our feet and that each participates in their own way in maintaining the soil in good health. Learning how to protect this ecosystem is so precious.

Workshop / Experiences - Green and blue wefts

Green and blue wefts describe a network of the land and water ecological continuities.
Through a board game you will discover the impact of human activities on biodiversity and the solutions that enable animal species to continue to move through the landscapes.
By rebuilding food pyramids, you will see what would happen if an element of the pyramid were to disappear. This is a good way to become familiar with the food webs of different ecosystems (river, sea, pond, hedge…).

Workshop -The Science booth

Consisting of a series of posters, this science booth is a support for exchanges between the scientific mediators of Citizens for Climate and the visitors. In addition, it offers the opportunity to get solid data and arguments on the main causes of climate change, the key messages of the IPCC and the orders of magnitude linked to them.

Experiment - Planting Forests for Climate

The planting method developed by the botanist professor Akira Miyawaki consists in growing a native forest in a fast way on urbanized or degraded land.
This unique mini-planting workshop will present concrete results in soil restoration.
Animations will allow participants to discover the trees that surround us and the protective role they play for human beings and the planet.

Workshop - The unloved ones

Through various interactive and amusing workshops, discover funny facts about spiders, the roles of mosquitoes in ecosystems or the consequences if rats were to disappear from our sewers. Forget your preconceived notions about these unloved species in the urban environment of Île-de-France!

Mini debate - The Climate Wheel

Based on the “Wheel of Fortune” model, the Climate Wheel comprises 26 segments. For each segment, there is a question you are asked to answer and debate.

Workshop / Quiz - Sustainable Food and Biodiversity Champions

With Landestini association which is acting to reconnect humans to the land and the countryside, become Champions by taking part in this fun quiz on “Sustainable Food and Biodiversity”!
The food chaine and its interactions with nature will no longer hold any secrets for anyone!
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