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Replay the Forest

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Climate change is an issue too global to be left only in the hands of scientists. It is the backbone of the societal change that is taking place. History is being played out today. We need to tell it.
Artists have always been witnesses and the storytellers of their time. This is why the International Weather and Climate Forum (FIM) has been giving them the floor for the past three years.
This year FIM is renewing its carte blanche with the ELYX Foundation under the aegis of the FACE Foundation for the curating of the exhibition within the Forum. The ELYX Foundation is convinced that art has a crucial inclusive dimension in contemporary societies, damaged by the dynamics of exclusion. It enables a common language to be established, on the basis of which exchanges and questioning can take place.
Thus, FIM is pleased to announce the exhibition, Rejouer la Forêt (Replay the Forest), solo-show by Arthur Novak.

Replay the Forest

The Exhibition is an immersive journey into a fantasized Amazonia, as much by sight as by hearing.
The points of view, charcoal drawings where the Artist projects perspectives of light within the Amazonian vegetation will come to life to the rhythm of the pan organ, a musical installation. The primary and luxuriant forest will extend beyond the paper to unfold along the walls. The artwork is alive. Its shape will be drawn over the days thanks to the addition of drawings that the Artist will make during the Forum.

Replay the forest: Charcoal drawings, representing views of the forest. We imagine the forest, how to Replay the forest.

Pan Organ: This hybrid instrument merges two distinct cultures, Western and Amazonian. It answers the possibility of playing the same score between two cultures.

In Werner Herzog’s film Fitzcarraldo, it is the opera music in the forest that inspired the artist to create this work.


1-3 May 2021

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Arthur Novak

Born in 1989, Arthur Novak Novak lives and works in Avignon. He is a graduate of the Beaux-Arts of Strasbourg and Avignon. He is a graduate of the Beaux-Arts of Strasbourg and Avignon.

He is represented by Galerie 1111, , which recently showcased his work at the DDESSIN exhibition and at the Immersion exhibition in September 2019.

Arthur Novak’s work was also presented at the exhibition “Rêvez ! #2” exhibition of the Collection Lambert and the Yvon Lambert Prize for young creation, on December 3 and May 20, 2018 in Avignon.

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