Youth Agora for Climate

“Youth engagement has a double importance because the today’s young people will be the first to suffer from the consequences of global warming”.

Jean Jouzel, climatologist and former vice-President of the IPCC Bureau

This is why the 17th International Weather and Climate Forum aims to give the voice to young people movements. During one dedicated day, they will be able to build and carry out a common advocacy on ecological, social and democratic issues related to global warming. The ambition is to awaken their desire to get involved, to allow them to discover other mobilized associations and different modes of action and visions. This Agora also aims to create a link between young people and businesses in order to promote the communication between them.


October 17, 2020

Pre-program of October 17, 2020:

Communication manager: Antoine Trouche

10am-12pm: Challenge Workshop
Businesses, young people and the climate issue

An interactive workshop between the general public and students to awaken critical thinking and provide keys to analysing companies’ environmental policies, in a fun format, including examples listed by theme. An interaction will follow with partner companies: how is the environment integrated into their strategy? What do committed young people expect from companies?

Pour un Réveil écologique, « For an ecological Awakening » is a group of students and young graduates who write the eponymous Manifesto, signed by more than 32,000 students. It provides tools to figure out the environmental strategy of companies and transform graduate studies by setting the ecological transition issue at the heart of education.

12pm-2pm: Presentation of 3 associations Meet engaged young people Three young people associations “Pour Un Réveil Écologique”, “Avenir climatique” and “Climates” propose us a period to exchange ideas. You can also leave a message in the time capsule, to be rediscovered in the future.
Communication manager & contact person: JB Guillaumin

2pm-4pm: Forum-Discussion
How to take action against the climate change?

Are you asking yourself how to act or you want to share your experience? So do we! Come and discuss in our think tanks and discover our associations of committed young people.

“Avenir climatique” is an association of young volunteers engaged in raising public awareness of climate energy issues. Come and discover these serious issues through our playful workshops!

Communication manager: Margot Piau-Moreau Contact person: Amélie Dupuy-Seltmann Secretary General, focal point for the event

4pm-6pm: Serious Game
Simul’action: facing an extreme heat wave in Paris

The increase of extreme weather events, coupled with a growing urbanization, makes large cities increasingly vulnerable. What if an unprecedented heat wave hits our city? Take on the role of a « civil society » actor and cooperate with other participants to find innovative emergency solutions and contribute to the emergence of a more resilient city.“CliMates” is a laboratory of ideas and international actions bringing together volunteers, students and young professionals around climate issues.

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