Workshops, exhibitions and participatory debates

Educational activities, workshops, exhibitions and participatory debates on the theme 
« Acting on climate change in everyday life », attended by people committed to climate awareness such as scientists and weather reporters gathered in Paris, on Place de l’Hôtel-de-Ville. Everyone will be able to understand the challenges arising from global warming, and to discover the key tools necessary to change his actions on several aspects of his everyday life; water, waste, food… 4-5 June: special focus on raising awareness among school children and teachers.

An Award for Climate Education
The 5 best “middle” and “high school” pre-selected projects will be presented by students on place de l’Hotel de Ville (Paris City Hall) on June 5, 2018.

Multiple animation hubs, educational activities and exhibitions

Hub "Education"

Citizen associations – activities for pupils – workshops

Hub "Innovation"

Research – start up – climate solutions
TV studio – radio with the weather reporters

Hub "Consom’action"

Lifestyles / trends / daily life and emerging behaviours in the face of climate change-related threats and challenges


. Forum of exchange and debates – Awards ceremony
. Exhibition area – cultural dimension – videos – photos

Discovery Area

Nature, biodiversity, demonstration of solutions (out on the parvis)

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