The IWCF educates on climate challenges

The 15th edition of the International Weather and Climate Forum (IWCF ) will take place in Paris, in June 2018, 2-5. It consists of three actions: one with the general public, an international symposium, and a media-workshop gathering weather reporters from numerous countries.

“It is with deep conviction that I support the International Weather and Climate Forum (IWCF ). The IWCF raises awareness on climate challenges, while highlighting the key role of civil society in the debate and in changing our actions to preserve the environment. Its program for professionals, which gathers weather and climate professionals, enables the IWCF to be at the heart of reflection and commitment. I wish to commend Jean Jouzel, President of the association Météo et Climat, and his coworkers’ precious work, which has made us aware of the challenges ahead of us. With its interactive and open approach, exhibitions, workshops, participatory debates and meetings, the IWCF wishes to raise awareness among as many people as possible, and to highlight the central role of citizens’ actions. Because getting engaged is empowering! And it is not too late: limiting global warming below 2°C is still possible, yet only if everyone seriously get involved. All the more so, acting is positive and makes people happy ! The IWCF is an event that creates platforms of exhange between the actors involved in climate at different levels. These are the reasons why I give my full support to the International Weather and Climate Forum.”

Yann Arthus Bertrand
Photographer-explorer and President of the Foundation GoodPlanet, Patron of the 15th IWCF.
Photo: © Quentin Juemeaucourt

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