Climate change, energy transition and corona

Climate change and the energy transition are inextricably linked. It helps and strengthens each other, the energy transition as a solution to many climate problems and the climate as a driver and necessity for sustainable solutions. On Wednesday 2 September, Helga van Leur, one of the most famous weather women in the Netherlands, will talk to us about climate change, the energy transition and the developments of the past year. Is there anything corona can teach us when it comes to climate change?

We experienced first-hand that the world is unpredictable. Suddenly there was the Corona crisis and all efforts had to be made. In the meantime, other major world threats, such as climate change, continue as usual. What does the action and reaction around Corona teach us? And how can we use that in the climate debate and in the energy transition? Our brain first wants to feel the urgency. But if that doesn’t happen right in front of us or we think we should put too much effort into it, how do we get moving to minimize uncertainties in the longer term? Enough food for thought for a stormy debate!

Who is Helga van Leur? Helga studied at Wageningen University with a degree in Soil, Water and Atmosphere. She ended up at Meteo Consult in 1994 via an internship and has been working as a media meteorologist ever since. After a marketing education, Helga decided to continue as a self-employed person.



Climate Change and energy transition

Helga van Leur

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