Let’s act for Humanity!

Almost 30 years ago, scientists around the world were already warning us about the threats caused by global warming. It was in 1990, with the first IPCC report. Two years later, the Rio Earth Summit gave us hope for political and global awareness.
International rallying seemed possible.
Since then, scientific knowledge has been further substantiated and refined, making it clear that climate change is caused by mankind, that its effects are accelerating, but also that solutions exist.
Each of us can now get an objective picture of the reality of the threat.
All scientific studies are available, accessible, free …
There is no “conspiracy”, no fatalities, just facts that are observed and methodically analysed by thousands of scientists around the world.
Yet, faced with this truth, some “decision makers” still display a form of indifference, while others persist in denial.
The apathy of some, the “negationism” of others put each day a little more in danger the lives of our children, the children of our children … in short, the Humanity!
It is not the Earth that is threatened – it will survive as it has already survived other major crises for 4.5 billion years – but the human family!

The citizen’s burst of climate, which we are witnessing today, is our best hope and our greatest strength.
We must continue to educate, raise awareness, mobilize and encourage all initiatives, such as that of the International Weather and Climate Forum which I am pleased to be patron, which will prevent our children from switching in chaos. Acting for Humanity … it’s really not rocket science!

Fred Courant
Editor-in-chief and co-founder of lesprisorcier.org.
Patron of the 16th International Weather and Climate Forum.

We are Nature defending itself!

I neither believe in fatality nor determinism of our species seeming to want to self-eradicate.

Conversely, I believe in our ability to be resilient to our individual and collective intelligence.

Time is short but the tipping point is not far because the mobilization grows.
Youth is raising up and make their voices heard wanting to fight for their future. Companies change course and tomorrow they will create wealth without destroying it or they will no longer exist. The elected officials of our towns and villages become much more courageous and active than the top of the pyramid and have, for many of them, already begun the shift in the ecological transition.

We must take action collectively because we are not defending Nature, we are rather Nature defending itself!

That’s why I chose not to give a nice speech but to change my lifestyle and to co-found the NGO LanDestini to concretely act, this, not for reaching out minimal impact, but rather having a positive impact on the planet.

Changing behaviors and lifestyles, will be the main theme of this 16th International Weather and Climat Forum which I am pleased to be patron.

Fanny Agostini
Journalist. Co-founder of the NGO LanDestini.
Patron of the 16th International Weather and Climate Forum.

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